Maia Correll

A graduate of Bryant University in Rhode Island, I've nurtured a deep-seated appreciation for marrying business and creative arts, leading to past work experience with Hasbro Inc. and The Walt Disney Company. Growing up an avid fan of all things Star Wars and MCU, I hold reverence for the immersive enrichment that storytelling has to offer.

As an author and screenwriter, I'm focused on empowering, inspiring, and entertaining primarily within the realms of contemporary sci-fi/fantasy, commercial fiction, and action/adventure. When I'm not concocting new stories, I'm engulfing myself in the outdoors (land or sea!), practicing yoga, listening to folk-pop or movie soundtracks, and catching up on reality cooking competitions. 

My path into the creative is anything but "going with the herd." I love to learn, grow, and use what I've discovered as I forge ahead on my authentic journey. Though rooted primarily in storytelling, my creative mediums are unrestricted and free-flowing. That's part of the fun! Let's see how these dream-lings bloom together. Welcome to the journal of a fellow wildflower :)

Bits & Bobs

  • I have a particular fondness for Indian food, orca whales, and 70s classic rock
  • How do you take your coffee? With a splash of almond milk, please!
  • My shoes are either covered in mud from a hike or sand from the beach
  • I used to have a terrifying fear of mascot costumes
  • New England roots with a flair for international travel
  • Go-to reads, shows, films: Underdogs, space travel, magic, superheroes, and a good dose of reality TV
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